"Is the tea with or without sugar?"

Translation:Çay şekerli mi yoksa şekersiz mi?

August 22, 2015

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    why couldn't you use 'veya' here?


    Because you only have two options. "Veya" allows for options that are not the two listed (My hat is blue or green [or some other color that I didn't list]). "yoksa" is used when it is either one or the other (My hat is blue or green [it cannot be any other color except for one of those two]).

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      oh okay. i think i was confused because the notes say that 'yoksa' is optional... Thanks again!


      "yoksa" is optional. You can always choose to exclude "yoksa" and just use the question particles mi...mi :)


      A humble request, please refer to tips & notes before attempting lessons or asking questions here. Thanks



      Please make them available also in the app. I always do my lessons from my phone where they are not available.


      Yes. Kindly make the tips and notes available in the app. It is unfortunate that we are working without the tips and notes in our mobiles. It makes us do double the work to understand things


      Could you explain the difference between using mu and mi in phrase with yoksa "Cay sekerli mu yoksa sekersiz mi?" I can't catch clear where I have to use mu or mi. I thought that mu have to go in firs part and mi in second) but it doesn't work here :(


      The question particle uses 4-way vowel harmony with the syllable that comes before it. So you get:

      "Çay şekerli mi yoksa şekersiz mi?"

      "Sütlü mü, sütsüz mü?"

      "Doğru mu?"

      "Yanlış mı?"


      archVasily, i have found that video on this topic, in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPHBdYpnksE, very clear and helpfull. Enjoy it!


      Shouldn't the tea be Çay| in this sentence?


      No, because çay is the subject. (So it doesn't take an accusative ending.)


      why is it sekerli here instead of sekerle? Isnt there a difference between sweet (adjective and with sugar (instrumental phrase)


      Can you also ask çay hem sekerli hem de sekersiz mi


      No you can't. That would mean something like "Is the tea both with sugar and without sugar".


      Thanks a lot). I've got it. Lingot from me)

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