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Raising your fluency percentage!?

I completed the Spanish course and have done the lessons over and over...Sometimes I go so fast I have typos...But, what exactly is going to help me get my fluency up...is it using the punctuation all the time....is it getting everything right for a certain amount of work...Can somebody tell me. I'm just on a mission to be 100% fluent! Thanks!

3 years ago



Practice. Memorize all the words and concepts. Sure speed is good but try understand as much as you can. Duolingo alone is NOT going to make you fluent. You need other sources and manners of learning. Use other tools to memorize more vocab, research and learn more grammatic concepts, and further more listen and watch programs that expose you to the language you're learning. Get out there and speak with a native or just watch shows/movies or even radio programs or music. Immerse yourself in the language as much as you can. My biggest issue right now is listening comprehension. Obviously I'm not going totally achieve that on duolingo alone, so I'm utilizing other tools of learning. I hope I helped

3 years ago


You won't get a 100% fluency rating from Duo. It tops out at 60-65%, perhaps a bit less in some courses.

3 years ago

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The maximum fluency on Duolingo is reportedly around 60%. Duolingo is based on words even though there are grammar units etc. So, to improve the fluency on Duolingo you need to practice your weakest words but since you cannot practice the words alone, you need to strengthen the unit the word is introduced. If you visit the words tab, you can click on each word to see the unit they appeared and locate the sub-unit in the tree and practice that one. It is a bit laborious process.

Another way is to use Skill Strength userscript with Duolingo which adds a list of weakest units to Duolingo page (based on the words strengths of the unit) so by refreshing those units you will be refreshing a lot of these weak words as well.

You can get the userscripts from this location. (they work pretty well in Chrome browser)


I use one other Userscript which is to switch courses (the new redesigned one on the list).

I wish the functions of both of these scripts were permanently incorporated to the site.

3 years ago