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"The weather is very windy today."

Translation:Hava bugün çok rüzgarlı.

August 22, 2015



why doesn't "Hava çok rüzgarlı bugün" work?

[deactivated user]

    As a Turkish,I use both of them,we all do :)


    Duolingo almost always uses "standard" word order, with the predicate at the end.

    The predicate is usually a verb but could also be an adjective or noun such as "rüzgarlı" that describes what or how the subject is.

    So regardless of what people say on the street, for Duolingo, it's better to stick to a bit more conservative word order :)


    "Hava durumu bugün çok rüzgarlı" yanlış mı?


    I would like to know it too...wasn't "hava durumu" used for "weather" in another example?

    EDIT: I checked with a native. Apparently just "hava" is better when talking about today's weather, whereas "hava durumu" can be used when talking (more formally) about longer-term weather conditions, in forecasts for example.


    Thanks, nice bit of research :-)

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