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"He is not wanted here anymore."

Translation:O artık burada istenmiyor.

August 22, 2015



Yes,why not 'istenmez'? What would be the difference?


Aorist makes it vaguer. You would use it when you're giving your opinion rather than stating a fact.

O artık burada istenmez = I don't think he'd be wanted here anymore.

Or, you can use it in an if-clause: "Eğer bu işi yapamazsa, artık burada istenmez." = If he can't do this job, he won't be wanted here anymore. Again, it's a future reference, and it's more about giving your opinion rather than stating a fact. (istenmeyecek = he's not going to be wanted.)


Bu net bir açıklama için teşekkürler.


"He is not wanted here anymore." Translation: O artık burada istenmiyor.


O burada artık istenmiyor.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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