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"As irmãs da minha mãe não comem frango."

Translation:My mother's sisters do not eat chicken.

January 2, 2013



I wrote "The sisters of my mother do not eat chicken." Why is that marked incorrect?


I did the same thing. I prefer translating as literally as possible, so i think the way portuguese speakers think. Duolingo is doing a decent job of teaching how to translate what things mean "more or less", but it doesn't teach a learner how to *think the way a Portuguese speaker thinks. Failing to do this is perfectly acceptable, but blocking people like us from using this approach is not conducive to our needs as language-learners


As a german who learns portugues i did the same thing. There is no German/Portuguese course at Duolingo so i have to do it in English, which makes it harder for me, especially if these small mistakes are marked wrong.


Am i the only one who didnt get the suggested answer when i tap on it. ( the word "irma" did not give me a translation).


Porque do not e não does not ? Não se usa does not para negação em terceira pessoa?


Use "does not" para negar na 3ª pessoa do singular (He/she/it)

  • He doesn't like swimming.
  • Mary doesn't have a house.
  • The dog doesn't bark at night.

Para os outros casos (como neste exemplo, que é a 3ª pessoa do plural), use "do not" ou "don't".


Entendi. Muito Obrigado pela explicação.


Could I say: as minhas tias não comem frango.


In real life, that would be fine But, technically, it's less precise that "my mother's sisters" and not quite interchangeable.

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