"Les filles mangent afin qu'elles deviennent des femmes."

Translation:The girls eat so that they become women.

January 2, 2013

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Wish it was as easy as eating food to become a man. Girls have it so easy


That's why I love Duolingo. Learning a language while laughing!


Duolingo's examples will be very useful when I start my cult in North Quebec.


We've already learnt how to steal and hide kids and now we know how to turn them into women. Blimey..


we will teach them to contemplate life


Lingots for your cult. All proceeds to the Lord Boofoo.


This example is horrible ...


Actually I learn better with complicated quirky sentences. :D


I agree with you, when they don't make that much sense, they kinda stress your understanding. Can't use context to fill in the gaps.


They stick that way.


Je mange du poisson afin que je deviens un poisson ^_^


Well, you are what you eat I suppose...


je mange du poisson afin QUE je devienne un poisson :)

edit: thanks for correction Shaunofthelife


"afin que" requires the subjunctive conjugation of the verb, so you want this:

Je mange du poisson afin que je devienne un poisson.

http://french.about.com/od/grammar/qt/subjunctive_afinque.htm http://french.about.com/od/verb_conjugations/a/devenir.htm


This will work. It has to work.


They said you could be anything...


Lol, the sentences on here.


Or maybe it's just survival instinct...


more like when a mom says eat so that you grow up :D


That's kind of what I got out of it, so it didn't seem quite as strange to me. :)


Afin is new here^^

Je lis cet afin apprendre.


Am I wrong? The girls aren't becoming women while they are eating. They will eventually be women, and at that point they will no longer be girls. Don't we need a "will" in the English translation of this sentence?


I do not think so, strictly. Saying "so that they become women" means that at the end of the eating process the girls will be women, the eating process being referred to is one which stretches over years, their eating in childhood/adolescence, not a specific event. Hence the sentence is correct. Your suggestion eliminates ambiguity and improves the sentence.


indeed it does...


EIther case is a bit awkward, to be honest. But it's something to do a remnant of subjunctive. It's much better phrased in a different way, "...eat to become women".


what a messy sentence for someone learning French verbs


But then they realised they were simply obese, and not women at all!


haha, I tried twice with the girls eat so that they become "women " or "wives". And the later was not accepted, which means , if girls eat, they can be women but not wives. So, pay attention to your food, girls!!!


I don't think 'afin que' should be introduced before the subjunctive. It just so happens that the third person plural form is identical in the indicative and the subjunctive


Should this be subjunctive? Is it? I've forgotten how to form the subjunctive.


"deviennent" is also subjunctive, although I question Duolingo not pointing this out, as many people would probably see this and assume "afin que" takes the present indicative.


I've been able to put 'some' into translations where 'des' is present, it's awkward, but not incorrect. Does anyone know why "The girls eat so that they become some women" was not accepted? the 'some' is underlined as the error.


"The girls eat so that they become some women" doesn't make sense as an English sentence. "Some women" indicates a partial amount of the total. In this case, we have to assume that all the girls in this sentence are becoming women. If you were to use "des femmes" in the same sentence, it would have to be "Des filles mangent qu'elles afin devinnement des femmes." which means "SOME girls eat so that they can become SOME women."


i added "some women" and it was wrong, totally confused when not to add "des"


"Des" should still be in this sentence, because the number of women is an unspecified amount, so we have to put "women" because how are you supposed to know how many women there are (well, except that it's more than one)? And as for "some women," look at my answer to andy1295.


I got it right with "the girls eat so that they become some women" . Obviously one should learn a language and just accept the sense of the translation rather than worry about its literal effect. lol.


Ohhh, so thaaaat's how it happens!


:The girls eat so that they are becoming women." was marked as wrong.


I think the issue is the use of tense. If I said in English "I study to become smart" it would be correct. If I said "I study to becoming smart" it would be incorrect. To use "becoming" the sentence would have to be something like "By studying, I am becoming smart". My brain is just about full, so I can't think what the French translations would be, but in English, to use the word "becoming", the correct format would be "By eating, the girls are becoming women" or "Because they are eating, the girls are becoming women".


"les filles mangent afin qu'elles deviennent les femmes" could be ok?

could anyone explain when to use "des", when to use "les"?


Does "des" not translate as "some"? I know that we can leave it out in English, but when I leave out "some", I lose a heart and when I put it in, as I did here, I also lose a heart! I can't win!


I have the exact same issue. :-(


It doesn't literally mean 'some'. You can find out more on th'interweb!


wow that is a tricky sentence, really gets my brain going !


Why is this website filled with weird sentences that frankly confuse?!



Because most Duo students have limited vocabulary and less knowledge of various tenses. Some of those tenses have a quite different usage from English and require a good foundation in French.

So all examples have to be constructed from a few hundred words at most while staying in the present tense.

If your sentence that you just used were put forth by Duo, most students would get only five or so words and would be thrown by one of the verbs because of its tense.

Not to mention putting a complex sentence into interrogative form.


Well, we do need to eat, folks!


sometimes i think "i should be wrong because it doesnt make any sense" and BAM, its what duoling gives me.


I've always thought that girls become women in a bit different way. Duo has changed my world


This is tricky of duo, these girls must be insects, snails or caterpillars :)

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