"En mi país las costumbres son diferentes."

Translation:In my country the customs are different.

January 2, 2013



Yeah, if you say it with the right tone, and don't continually compare your country to theirs, most people are interested in other countries' customs. It's only when a hint of superiority creeps in that the conversation can turn frosty.

March 29, 2013


why is: in my country the habits are different... wrong??

March 22, 2019


El audio no funciona.

October 14, 2018


Why is "habits" not accepted?

July 28, 2019


Why not habits? the question before it taught that habit was costumbre

August 4, 2019


I thought that this was considered extremely rude to say to somebody?

January 2, 2013


I don't understand why. In my country children receive gifts from Magi, in yours is Santa the one that give them, so in my country the customs are different

January 2, 2013


It's only rude if you are bashing their customs or expecting them to follow yours.

I have said this somebody before and didn't mean the slightest offense by it. You might say it if somebody is teaching you a custom and you don't get it and they aren't sure why you don't get it.

January 9, 2013


Rude according to who? And where?

July 13, 2018


i accidentally forgot the "the" before customs like ok whatever

February 8, 2015


I sat customs with out the "the" sounds better

April 11, 2015
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