"Я не їм мед, але я їм хліб."

Translation:I do not eat honey, but I eat bread.

August 22, 2015

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Can anyonte tell me if Ukrainian has a word's last consonant devoiced as in Russian? Cause in this lesson, I can hear the б of хліб voiced, but in other lessons, she pronounces зараз like зарас, теж like теш. Please! Someone help me!


(is this still relevant?) Standard Ukrainian has no final consonant devoicing and this is seen as "Russian accent". However, it can be devoiced if a word that stats with a voiceless consonant follows: "Я теж там був" "i was there too"


I LOVE that she speaks slowly enough for this begginer to tell what she just said! I am a big fan of the voice actress!!!


The Duolingo translations states that "I do not eat honey, but I eat bread" and also "I eat honey, but I do eat bread." Is this a typo? How can it be both?


The second should be "I do not eat honey, but I do eat bread." However, if this is a multiple choice question and you are to pick all the correct answers, they often put a minor difference to see if you are paying attention. The second would not be correct if it is exactly that.


Do is used to place emphasis so that would depend on the intention of the speaker. Both are correct.

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    How do I pronounce хліб right?


    Mnemonic: "Who loves thik books?"


    is there a way I can make her speak the sentence a second or third time ???


    Мед is cognate with "mead" ("fermented honey wine") and хліб is cognate with "loaf".


    The microphone does not stay on long enough for me to repeat the words


    but is used as a contrast here. To stress that we eat bread instead of honey we would/might say: "But I do eat bread." A slight but important advanced nuance of the English language, IMO.


    i do not eat honey or bread


    I love Ukrainian langue because my family is from there and i only know russian and english


    I had correct only but showing wrong


    I was tired and selected Milk instead of Bread... Silly me

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