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"Guiden vår tar oss med til en vakker park."

Translation:Our guide is bringing us to a beautiful park.

August 22, 2015



The use of 'bringing' in this context is clumsy.


Is "med" here obligatory? Is tar ... med a phrasal verb here?


Yes. take: ta med, følge, lede, føre.

There is also ta med seg (bring (along), take)

  • Ta med deg matpakken
  • Tok dere med dere solkrem?
  • Ta meg med! / Ta med meg!


Thank you for the explanation!


is there something here denoting the gender of the guide? I put 'our guide is taking us with them to a beautiful park' but one of the suggested correct answers was the same except the guide was 'her.'


No, there isn't. That translation ("Our guide takes us with her..." I think) needs either him or her in English, so the Duolingo staff picked one arbitrarily.


but the neutral, singular they is accepted in standard English as correct.

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