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  5. "Eu sou o pai do filho dela."

"Eu sou o pai do filho dela."

Translation:I am the father of her son.

October 25, 2013



I'm her baby daddy.


I had to try it. I submitted a report that my answer should be accepted.


Should be "I'm her baby's daddy." needs the possessive.


'Baby daddy' is a new slang expression in some parts of the U.S. It's used when a woman has children by different men. John may be the baby daddy of her oldest, David may be the baby daddy of her daughter, and the father of her baby is her her live-in boyfriend. It does not have quite the same meaning as 'father' because the baby daddy does not live with his child and generally does not have much interaction with the child. it's not an expression I would use for language learning.


Yea it's not an expression to that should be used for language learning. Let's get it right before it get it so wrong


No i'm not! Why is Duolingo trying to make me admit something I didn't do!


The "o" article does not hear....


I think it needs to go to an otolaryngologist =)

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