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"Alex senden özür dileyince ne yaptın?"

Translation:What did you do when Alex apologized to you?

August 22, 2015


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Why is it 'senden' (from you) when the apology is TO you?


because that's not how languages work :) in Turkish "özür dilemek" requires the ablative (-den) while in English to apologize requires to.

Turkish speakers often translate those as "apologize from you", "hate from you" etc, can you tell why that's not correct in English? :)


is it because this is how it used in Arabic, since the word ''özür'' is from Arabic


That is correct, in Arabic You ask an "Ozur" or a "Pardon" from someone. it really pays to be arabian when it comes to learning turkish!


Which makes sense. When you wrong someone, you want to take the forgiveness/pardon from them and not give it to them! They have the pardon and they get to decide whether or not to give you their forgiveness, all you (as the wrong doer) can do, it to gently ask for it! Forgive me = give me your forgiveness Pardon me = give me your pardon Apologies on the other hand work differently, you apologize to someone so that they (if the apology you GAVE to them was accepted) give you their pardon. I apologize to you = I give you my apology. I hope this clear things out :)


are you an Arabian ??


Yes! I'm Syrian and I immigrated to turkey. I was lucky enough to find DuoLingo and it's been Fun I gotta say.


Btw could you tell me the best sources like some lists of verbs that need objects in ablative, or etc??


Alex senden özür dileyince ne yaptın? What did you do when Alex apologized to you?


When Alex apologised, what did you do?

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


"When Alex apologized to you, what did you do" should be accepted




"When Alex apologized to you, what did you do" should be accepted

Have you tried this answer? & was it accepted?

I cannot explain why it was declined.

I will try your answer during a practise lesson.

Thank you.

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