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Need some help??? Let me know!!!

Meu nome é Marcelo e sou professor de Inglês... se precisar de ajuda, deixe seu recado e assim que possível tentarei ajudar...Thanks and good luck!

October 25, 2013

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Thanks man. What do i do for learn more about conversation and vocabulary? Just read a book? If you want to know my contact: www.facebook.com/pllns

See ya


Hi. I think that to speak English you only need two things: vocabulary and grammar!!! Reading books will help your vocabulary when you look for the words you don't know but it will help you mainly with the grammar...But never give up (desistir) and dedicate at least 10 minutes a day!!! Have a nice week!!!


Hey bro... thanks for awnser me. :)


My goal for now is just improve my vocabulary to read books and everything else.. i am using an app called wlingua, its pretty cool, im training too on www.vocabulary.com and reading some easy books for students people... i read in an article that the better way to improve vocabulary is studying the hard words before read it... so i gonna try to read alice in the wonderland soon using this process. I believe im an intermediate student but i dont know sometimes is realy hard this language, you study, study, study and seems like you keep in the same place. Nice to meet you teacher, help us plz. =D -sorry about the errors.


Hi. Nice meeting you too...You are going in the right way: studying despite the difficulties you may find!!! Don't worry about the mistakes you make when you write...it is ok! Keep up with the hard work and whenever you need, write me again...take care!

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