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Feature request: Survival phrases/vocab section

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I just spent a month in Italy and France and after reading the Interview with Rémy, the French language expert, I am glad I didn't use Duolingo for French before I went. This is an excerpt from the interview that was posted.

-What's an important French phrase to learn that is not on Duolingo yet? To survive, you should probably know "j'ai soif," which means "I'm thirsty."-

I think it would be great for those of us who want to be able to use the language we are learning not just to translate articles but also to speak to other human beings if there was a section for each language that dealt strictly with words and phrases that one would need when visiting a country while traveling. I don't really want to spend 6 months finishing the French skill tree and not be able to say I'm thirsty.

4 years ago

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Ich habe durst; je dois avoir l'eau; eu preciso agua; I need water;

The sentences above are those you can form if you go through the tree. I do agree this would be useful, and if I recall correctly one of the staff members agreed before too. Anyway, I added it to the vocabulary wishlist (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/988674)

4 years ago