"He eats rice."

Translation:Lui mangia il riso.

January 2, 2013

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I'm having a hard time determining WHEN the definite article is required. "Lui mangia riso" works just as "Mangia il riso" works, just as "Lui mangia il riso" works. Is there a rule as to when the definite article is required?


The definite article is used when when the gender needs to be determined explicitly. When not used, gender is implied, In either case, both forms are correct.


Thank you for that I was wondering


Direi invece che l'articolo si usa per specificare l'oggetto rispetto ad altri (mangio "il riso" invece che "la pasta"). Se la frase invece significa che in generale io mangio riso, allora l'articolo non si usa. Credo sia lo stesso in Inglese.


Was expecting "mangio" as everything else is masculine.. What have I missed?


I...(io) mangio He, she,....(lui, lei)mangia They...(loro)mangiano You (singular) (tu)mangi You all....(voi)mangete We....(noi)mangiamo This is how i remember to use all of my verb endings I buy...io compro They buy...loro comprano You buy...tu compri You all buy...voi comprate We buy...noi compriamo I hope this helps...i cant tell how old your posting is and im new at this.


Why il, as it didnt call for it.


Spiacente, accidentally tapped button for finish


Why not "lui mangia riso"??


Subtle change in meaning. "lui mangia riso" means that, in general, he always eats rice, like all the time, whereas "lui mangia il riso" means that he's eating the rice that's in front of him right now. As far as what's meant in this case, well, it's Duolingo and what they're looking for is the second meaning.


Why "un" instead of "il" is incorrect?


"Lui mangia un riso" in English would be "He eats one grain of rice".

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