"Je kioma horo li malfermas la preĝejon?"

Translation:At what time does he open the church?

August 22, 2015



It's worth noting that preĝejo is literally a place to pray, (preĝ·ej·o ← preĝ·i). So you can refer to a church building as a "preĝejo", but not to the organization. (That would be eklezio).

It also isn't just used for Christian buildings, but for buildings of other religions as well.

Duo accepts "At what time does he open the mosque?"

June 25, 2016


DUO accepts "place of worship" but rejects "place of prayer". [I flagged to to bring attention to the latter.]

"Worship" may imply a degree of submission that some belief paths prefer to avoid. Having both " place of worship" and "place of prayer" accepted would increase the range of options available to diverse belief paths. ("Belief path" includes everything from atheism to Confucianism to humanism and other paths that would never describe themselves as "religions", but still gives all respectful representation.)

Thanks for considering this.

October 21, 2018


Introducing 'church' in a date/time lesson is very fitting, given how much influence they have had on timekeeping throughout history.

October 19, 2015


For anyone suddenly bewildered by "je" like me: The preposition je can replace any other preposition and remain grammatically correct, albeit more ambiguous. It is usually clear what meaning is intended based on context.

Without context, Donu ĝin je mi could mean any of the following:

Donu ĝin je [al] mi. — “Give it to me.” Donu ĝin je [el] mi. — “Give it from me.” Donu ĝin je [kun] mi. — “Give it with me.”

October 16, 2016


"je" cannot replace another preposition. It must not be used if another preposition is more appropriate.

July 23, 2018


Thanks, I never understoot this preposition

February 4, 2017


"Fermas" is "close"? I translated "malfermas" and "fermas" in Google Translate and the answer always is "Open"

August 11, 2016


Google Translate is pretty useless in Esperanto, I mostly use majstro.com for Esperanto, it only does single words but it is pretty good

February 4, 2017


Not only is GT useless for Esperanto, it's pretty useless for any language that isn't Spanish, French, or German. I wouldn't trust it if I was travelling in any non-English-speaking country. Even those three!

March 25, 2019
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