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"Year after year our work progresses well."

Translation:Jaron post jaro nia laboro bone progresas.

August 22, 2015



Except for some linking verbs the pure nominative is for the subject only. For measurements you have to use the accusative or a preposition.


Lol. In plain English? Dankon.


PIV lists, under jaro:

…de jaro al jaro; jaro post jaro…

I can understand why jaron post jaro might be the usage here, but I can’t understand if so when one would ever use the jaro post jaro given in PIV if they aren’t equivalent (which they’re apparently not, since my answer differed only in using jaro post jaro rather than jaron post jaro). Can someone explain when jaro post jaro and jaron post jaro would each be used?


Why "nia laboro" but "jaron post jaro"?

It seems like "nia laboro" is the subject (it is the thing progressing well) and "jaron post jaro" is just a time period.

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