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"Where do you travel by plane?"

Translation:Куди ти подорожуєш на літаку?

August 22, 2015



О_о ".. На літаку" - це на якій мові?


Де ви подорожуєте літаком - це теж правильно!


Should have asked this question earlier in the lesson: why 'куди' instead of 'де'?


You use где for location, куда for direction and откуда for the direction "from". English had "whither" and "whence" for the two additional words Russian has—but they fell out of use a long time ago.

  • Где Боб? = Where is Bob?
  • Куда Боб бежит? = Where is Bob running?
  • Откуда ты? = Where are you from?

Similarly, the words for "there", "thither" and "thence" / "here", "hither", "hence" are там, туда, оттуда / тут, сюда, отсюда.


Thank you Shady_arc! That clears it up for me perfectly. Thank you!

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