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"The lawyers leave money at home."

Translation:Fágann na dlíodóirí airgead sa bhaile.

August 22, 2015



Why sa instead of ag?


Actually, both "sa bhaile" and "ag baile" are correct :) ("ag baile" was missing as an alternative for this sentence, but I just added it :D)


I just wanted to add that while both are correct now, in older speech only sa (m)b(h)aile was correct. And, going through the thesaurus on Potafocal, it is much more common among native speakers to still prefer sa. And, looking at the profile of the one example of 'ag baile', it appears the author is not a native speaker.

I'd wager that the use of ag is a direct influence from English. I must admit I've never heard a native speaker use ag, however; only sa mbaile.


You "added" it? I just got marked wrong for writing abhaile.


abhaile is wrong - that's not what Alex said that he added.


Why imíonn is not correct?


Imigh is an intransitive verb, it cannot have a direct object. It can be translated as "leave" only in the sense of "go" or similiar, moving oneself away.

http://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/imigh: imigh, v.i. (pres. imíonn, vn. imeacht, pp. imithe)

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