"That is my boy."

Translation:Det er gutten min.

August 22, 2015



I'm just having the hardest time catching on to the possessive words; which ones to use and when, in what word order :(


Still struggling here with understanding when the possessive should be put before or after the noun... I saw Duolingo uses both formats but here it won't accept "det er min gutten". Is it just a bug or is there a rule to follow?

Also, when should be "mi" be used as opposed to "minn/mitt"?


Ack... can someone explain why we use det and not den here? I think I came across this before but forgot to write it down... >_>


'det' is a dummy subject not referring to anything.


what does that mean? apparently the word should be referring to the boy..

anyway, in one of the former lessons, we were taught that 'det' is for neuter and 'den' is for M/F, and now I was proud to have remembered that and used it and ❤❤❤ it was wrong here?

What does the word 'den' mean then, if it is not 'det' for M/F words?


'det' can mean either of those two things.

When you say "It's raining.", what does 'it' refer to? Nothing in particular. In this case you'd say "Det regner". When you it's "It is nice.", 'it' is referring to whatever you were just talking about. In this case you'd say "Den(/Det) er fin(t)", because the object you're referring to is of a specific gender. When you say "It is a dog." you are introducing a new thing in your conversation. As the object has still not been introduced, it's gender is unknown, so you'll say "Det er en hund", but in the next sentence you could say "Den er fin", because the gender has been determined.

So you'll always use 'det' when introducing new things, and 'den/det' if referring to things already mentioned.


OK, thank you. I was kind of confused about the dummy subject. Sure in sentences like "det regner" the word "det" does not refer to anything specific. But I wasn't sure how to apply that in this context. The 'introducing things' makes kind of sense. So, If this sentence was somewhere later in the conversation, like "do you see that boy?" "yeah he has a nice hat and he seems quite polite" ..blahblah, few more sentences, and then "by the way, do you know who he is?" "That's my boy", would I user 'den', or should it be always 'det' for this kind of sentences, even if the subject was already mentioned?


Im confused when its "det er gutten min" and "det er min gutten". Anyone, please? :(


Same here please. Got marked wrong for "Det er min gutten".


If you're using the website rather than the app, the notes for this lesson explain this really well. But in summary, you have to choose either:

det er min gutt


det er gutten min.

'Det er min gutten' would mean something like 'that is my the boy', which doesn't work in English or in Norwegian.


Why is "det er gutten mitt" wrong?


Because the "mitt / min" word should have the gender of the noun. because "gutten" is masculine, you should use "min"


I would say, "Det er mitt gutt." Would be more correct to say, "That's my boy." As if youre talki ng to your dog.

But I may be wrong on the norwegian part.


You could use "det er min gutt", which is more similar to the English word order, but according to the lesson notes that's considered more formal than "det er gutten min".


det er min gutt not accepted


There's a feature to report phrases that should be accepted. Just click on the little flag when it pops up with "wrong answer".

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