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Ordering in Ukrainian

I have a question about how to order food in Ukrainian. Is is acceptable/polite to say Я хочу ...? This sounds a bit crude when translated into English. What is the most appropriate way to order food at a restaurant? Thanks!

August 22, 2015



Я хотів би.../(f)хотіла би... (I would like..). Мені, будь ласка...(For me... please. (when in a company)). Я буду...(Im going to have...)


Thank you! For the last phrase could you say Я буду мати ... or just Я буду ...?


No, that is not needed. Just Я буду.. You will confuse your waitress. In general, avoid word for word translation when not sure about it.

Here it is just a pattern with an omitted part -Я буду (їсти/замовляти - order)..


When I was in Ukraine I rarely, if ever, heard a conversation about ordering that didn't begin with Можна followed by order, have, get, like, etc.

But then again, there was a lot of Russian being spoken instead of Ukrainian

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