"Я люблю футбол."

Translation:I like soccer.

August 23, 2015

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Can this also mean I like football?


Yeah. It mostly depends on what you call "football". The kind of football common in the US enjoys popularity in Canada, U.S., Australia and New Zealand. So most countries that borrowed the word "football" use it for soccer (the kind of football that they know).

However, if you imagine for a moment that some community in the U.S. primarily uses Ukrainian, not English, it is only natural that they would call their own football "футбол" (even though it is not what Ukrainians mean).


Darling football (as in the 'soccer' one) excisted first... we didn't borrow it


I'm not sure who "we" are in your sentence, but Shady_arc meant that many languages (including Ukrainian and, say, French, where they say le football or le foot) borrowed the word "football" directly from English and when they say football in French or футбол in Ukrainian they're typically talking about the sport they call football in the UK, or soccer in the US


Oh, I remember this match. England - Ukraine, 1/4 Euro 2020 (which was in 2021). I've been rooting for Ukraine but they loose unfortunately.


I think they just use football for the most popular game of that type in their country. :)


I would also suggest football


I like football - yeah, that's a good translation as well and it is being accepted here

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