Te + infinitive words

Hi all. Can someone please help me? I have just started on this section, and I have no understanding at all of what I am doing! What is the point of using "om" and "te" ? It seems like I am just inserting an unnecessary word into a sentence. Please don't answer with lots of grammar references like objects and subjects, because I don't understand that!! Thank you :-)

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Thank you

3 years ago
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Think of the "om...te" construction as the English word "to". The word "te" by itself would mean "too" (dat is te veel - that is too much) and the word "om" would mean "around" (ik loop om de kerk - I walk around the church). You always insert the "te" part right before the active verb.

If you need a construction in your head, think of it this way: stick the om part where you would put the word to in English, stick the rest right before the verb.

If you keep this in mind, you almost always get it right.


Het is leuk (where you would put "to" in English ->)"om" weer naar school "te" (active verb ->) gaan. (It is fun to go back to school).

3 years ago

Thank you Charlotte!

3 years ago
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