"Ne estis facile, sed mi perfekte kuiris la ovojn."

Translation:It was not easy, but I cooked the eggs perfectly.

August 23, 2015

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When reading this sentence, I imagine the speaker would be saying this with an "ok" hand as he pronounces "perfekte."


Good job! Even world class chiefs couldn't do it better. :DDD


I wonder why it's facile not facila when I think it should be an adjective slot there obviously...


Not necessarily. It depends on what you're trying to say.

• It wasn't easy: adjective • It wasn't easily (done): adverb

I know it's not intuitive in English, but in languages like Polish it makes much more sense to use an adverb.

• To nie było łatwe = it wasn't easy • Nie było łatwo = it wasn't done easily

I hope that helps, I know it doesn't make much sense in English.


Because you use adverbs to modify verbs, not adjectives. Kuiri ne estas facile, not facila.

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