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Norwegian (Bokmål) CEFR placement test by Folkeuniversitetet


Try this CEFR Common European Framework placement test by the Folkeuniversitetet


Personally thought the results were pretty accurate for my level :)

Read about the CEFR here


Good luck and best wishes


August 23, 2015



Thanks for the link ameflorentino! I was surprised I got a B2 in reading and B1 in listening, not bad.


excellent!, is a nice challenge, some parts of the test are really difficult! you are almost ready for the bergentest :)


Thanks for the link. That was fun! I got: Vocabulary and grammar B2, Reading ≥C1, Listening B2. Those were all higher than I expected, so I was pleasantly surprised. My real speaking score (not self assessment) would surely be low compared to these, though. I get almost no speaking practice.


You are welcome :) i am struggling with my speaking too, at the moment I am trying to slowly write a little about different subjects. I think this will bring out the speaking as is a different process than duolingo.


hey, I would like to ask whether you are studying norwegian by yourself or have you ever taken a course?, I'm having hard time with pulling my vocab and grammer to higher lvl :x


I have never taken any courses. I started teaching myself 2 years ago using whatever material I could find on the web. After about 6 months, I started a written conversation with a coworker in Oslo in Norwegian. We have only met in person once, but we chat every day. I save all of her emails (318 so far) and study them whenever I have time. So now I can read and write but the only speaking I have ever done is to myself.


I see, thank you for fast reply btw ^^, I have some online material that I am studying as well .but I do not practice writing like you do . I joined this site yesterday, hoping that it will help me somehow

Do u have any tips for improving ? :D


Learning with several different approaches at the same time helps me a lot. I try to get most of my media in Norwegian - movies, music, reading the news, reading novels, listening to NRK podcasts and so on. When I learn a new word in Duolingo or through my email chats, I tend to remember it when I hear it again on the news or read it in a book and it gets more firmly stuck in my head than it would have using only Duolingo.


Have you finished the duolingo three?


Yes, a little more than a year ago, but I only got version 2 of the tree, never version 3.


Cool. I tried the test and tested as follows:

Vocabulary and grammar A1 Reading A2 Listening B1

I'm about halfway through the course, so it gives me hope that by the end I'll be at a fairly good level.


Hi all, can anyone suggest me, if volkunivertite level test enough for job application to Norway or do I more


Glad it helped :) and yes you can be tested in English, french, German, Italian , Spanish and Swedish! and you can choose the language of the test is given too. Is a good one for reality check :)

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