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"The old staff"

Translation:Eski personel

August 23, 2015



Does eski here refer to the former staff or just the staff which has been there for a long time?


Wait. Is "Eski" only used for old objects, not people? Because I think I once saw a comment that said sonething like that. But in this case "eski" can be used for people too.


in this case eski çalışan means to say that : a staff has been working in any specific place , to count as former stuff. It doesn't point out its age.


I was taught eski for inanimate,yaslı for animate?


"Eski" is the opposite of "new," and "Yaşlı" is the opposite of "young;" i.e. the two terms refer to different types of age.

In this case, "eski" can be referring to the staff that no longer work at a certain place (the "old staff"; the people that may have been fired or quit), or the staff which have been at a certain place for a long time (e.g. the veteran staff).

If you were to answer with "Yaşlı personel," then you would be saying something closer to "The elderly staff."

It isn't so much that you can't use "eski" to refer to animate things, than it is you cant use it to refer to people's age.

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