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  5. "Museet er ikke åpent."

"Museet er ikke åpent."

Translation:The museum is not open.

August 23, 2015



Earlier it gave the indefinite form "et museum". So this word is irregular, you can't say "museumet"?


Neuter '-ium'- and 'eum'-nouns have the 'um'-part dropped in the definite case.

et laboratorium - laboratoriet
et studium - studiet


According to the grammar book I own, this is the case only for neuter nouns with "-ium" and "-eum" at the end. Other neuter nouns with "-um" ending (eg. datum, forum) don't drop the "-um" part in def.sing. form.


I may have oversimplified a bit too much :)

Even your rule has its flaws, for instance 'barium' and 'gallium' breaks it, so it's probably better to learn them case by case.


I also think it's better to learn them one by one rather than trying to memorise tons of rules and exceptions. :)

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