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  5. "The bear is an animal."

"The bear is an animal."

Translation:Ayı bir hayvandır.

August 23, 2015



Could anyone remind me of the function of the particle -dir?


I already posted this for you once I think :)



hi, how do dir and tir differ?


I answered "ayı hayvan" which was marked correct, but would this very simpke way of putting the sentense sound unnatural or childlike to a native speaker?


It might sound a bit odd, especially since this stating a indisputable fact. It is still grammatically correct however :)


Why Ayıyı bir hayvan not correct ?!!


Subjects never get the accusative case!


I got the response that "Ay bir hayvandır" because it should be "Ayı" but i thought that the main subjects of sentences did not use definite articles?


"ay" and "Ayı" are different words (and are both in the nominative case). "ay" means "moon" or "month"


I still cannot understand how to pronounce the letter "ı"?


زي الحرف "i" ولكن مفخم


Got Ayi bir hayvantur wrong. Cant get when to use -tur o -dir suffix... anyone can help me here? Thx


I'm certainly not an expert, but these seem to be two forms of the same suffix. From what I can tell, the letter D is used following vowels or voiced consonants, while T is used following unvoiced consonants. The vowel is determined by the standard 4-way harmony pattern.


After weeks of confusion, a native speaker cleared something up for me. I wish this section had a clue/info card on this.

When dealing with "is" just follow this table: I am: ben -im You are: sen -sin He/she/it is: o -dır We are: biz -iz Y'all are: siz -siniz They are: onlar -dırlar

Of course you need to follow vowel harmony, consonant transformation, and there are exceptions, but that table has helped me a lot and I'm surprised it's not provided to learners. I'm guessing that's because it's too formal and spoken Turkish leaves out a lot of formalities.

Just my 2 cents, but i think a language so different than English as Turkish should be taught formally (book form) so as to help build a structural understanding.

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