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"Це майонез, а це салат з майонезом."

Translation:This is mayonnaise, and this is a salad with mayonnaise.

August 23, 2015



Pronunciation of word-final consonants: My impression is that the final "s" in "майонез" is pronounced here more or less like [s] (similar to the "s" in "салат") than [z] (cf. the two "s" in "з майонезом"). Maybe I'm wrong… how do others hear it? (I read that Ukrainian has no final devoicing, as opposed to e.g. Russian or German, so I'm confused.)


It's [z]. No devoicing intended. Could be just audio quality.


Sounded the same to me


I mean, the same as you said 's' first then 'z' second. But guess its just the speaker

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