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  5. "Dieses Quartal ist wichtig."

"Dieses Quartal ist wichtig."

Translation:This quarter is important.

October 26, 2013



I think this is the first time I have seen the letter "Q" in a sentence.


Thank you! I was wondering why it looked so strange...


"Quasi".. very effective word, and also in Scrabble


Do we pronounce the u with a v sound?


Is "Quartal" unique or are there other German words like this?


There are a few more like this, all loanwords (mostly from Latin).


Quartal vesus Viertel: Is there a difference between the two, or should we be using quartal for time and Viertel for cities, and time?


Quartal is used when refering to a quarter of a year ( the period of three month). Viertel means quarter in general (quarter of a sports game, Viertel einer Stadt, etc)


thanks, but just had another sentence "Jezt sehe ich das Quartal im neum Licht" (Now I see the quarter in a new light), so "Quartal" is more for abstract/non physical descriptions then.


I only see "Quartal" being used for "the quarter of a year". Never seen it in a different context and I also only use it in this context. (I am a german native speaker). I guess this "im neuen Licht sehen" part is what made you think Quartal is for something abstract? It basically means that you look back at the last Quartal and now see aspects that you haven't seen before (e.g. it wasn't as bad as you thought it was). Hope that helps.


Thank you.

Duden-Oxford Deutsch-Englisch Quartal /kvar'ta:l/ das; Quartals, Quartale quarter [of the year]; "in diesem/im nächsten Quartal: this quarter/next quarter"


I used 'season' instead of 'quarter' and it said I was wrong?


I had a feeling they were interchangeable as well but apparently they're not.


A season is a quarter of a year too but when you speak about "Quartal" you don't mean a season. The first "Quartal' for ex. is January, February and March (the first three months of the year) but a season is three different months for ex. winter is December, January and February. So a new "Quartal" starts is a new year but not a season.


Would one use "Quartal" for a quarter of a basketball game?


I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that would be Viertel (Fourth).

i.e. Vierteldollar, which is a quarter in American currency


Businesses often use quarters to report earnings. I am wondering if that is why Quartal is used exclusively for quarters of years - because it came from business usage?


Wikipedia claims that Quartal came from religious usage, and originally referred to the division of the year between Septuagesima, Pentecost, Holy Cross Day and Saint Lucy's Day: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartal


I agree, Gemobis. here in South-Africa it is also known as a term, as in school term.


Ja-nee, DuoLingo se ruimte vir streeksverskille is nie aldag so omvattend nie. Ons praat inderdaad van 'n kwartaal as 'n "term".


Do we pronounce the u with a v sound?


Yes; quartal should sound like "Kvartall"


"This quarter is important because...I'm gonna use it for an arcade machine!"


Sorry not the right kind of quarter. The word you need is Vierteldollar I believe


☺ XD Whoopzies ☺


Why can't we use trimester in English for the German Quartal?


At least in American English, I only see trimester used (perhaps inappropriately) to refer to divisions into three parts. For example, each academic "trimester" would cover roughly four months (including breaks), typically September--December, January--April and May--August. This usage does conflict somewhat with the "three-months" Latin etymology mentioned by Wikipedia. I suspect it developed as a bastardization of semester ("six-months" in Latin, but commonly interpreted as division into two parts), perhaps influenced by the division of pregnancy into three trimesters.

Anyway, if "trimester" and "quarter" are synonymous in Britain, Ireland, Australia, etc., then I would suggest reporting it as an alternative that should be accepted.


Same question here.


Usually a quarter of a year is a term, but it was refused.


the quarter is important should count


They used dieses. Must be this, not the.


Is it completely inconceivable that Quartal could mean season? I think there is a little bit of an overlap between season and quarter in english in the way a season can just be a time span in the year (holiday season, hunting season) as can a quarter in terms of a financial year, the Tax year doesn't start from January everywhere in the world.


Is this place or time, or both in German?


Just in case (as it was explained before in this thread): According to Google Dictionary, a quarter is a period of three months regarded as one fourth of a year, used especially in reference to financial transactions such as the payment of bills or a company's earnings. In German, Quartal [n] has the same meaning.


I don't get the pronunciation of "Quartal" it is like "Kuatal"?


The IPA (from Wiktionary) is [kvaʁˈtaːl], which you can decode at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:German_pronunciation

That Wiktionary entry also has a recording, and Forvo has a couple more.


How does this relate to the time lesson?, is it out of place, or do people in Germany use quarters to measure time in years?


How's "Viertel" different from "Quartal", if ever?

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