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How the heck does this work??

I sent a link to a potential student for an ESL class. He does not know how to join? Is anyone else having problems with the new classroom edition?

August 23, 2015



Hi! The link should take your student directly to Duolingo and prompt him to accept you as a tracker. What happens when the student clicks on the link?


He did and asked what is supposed to happen next and I don't know what to tell him.


He will not see a difference. You will now be able to track his progress in a dashboard along with other students in your classroom. You can also do other things, such as control their access to forums, see an overview of the course and do in-class activities. You can see the newest features for teachers announced this week clicking here. I hope it helps, and please let us know if you have any questions! :]


Sams as me now! I want to join French classroom but it didn't work yet! I guess we have to wait for it :)


I had some trouble. I had the students log in completely, then close the window, then put the link in their browser for my class. What should happen is that it pops up a box that asks do they want to share their info with "email@email.com" Closing the window seems to help the issue.


Thanks. So then is it basically just doing what they can do on their own and me being able to see what they are doing??


The same here, I am trying to get my classes on here and do not know how to. when I first signed up I saw that I could and now I cannot find it! Anyone know? Please help


Do you mean you are having trouble finding schools.duolingo.com?


How do you join a classroom?

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