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  5. "Hangisi sizin bavulunuz?"

"Hangisi sizin bavulunuz?"

Translation:Which is your suitcase?

August 23, 2015



why is it 'hangisi' instead of 'hangi'?


Why can I not translate it with "which ones are your luggages"?


"luggage" is a mass noun and cannot be made into the plural :) Plus there is no indication of the plural in this sentence.


But "Which one is your suitcase?" is very idiomatic English.


Why not "luggage"


Just a forgotten translation. It is accepted now :)


is suitcases possible?


Nope, there is no indication of the plural in this sentence (and there is no direct object)


Please can anybody clarify this: if İ want to ask a group of friends that are travelling with me, three friends, which suitcases are yours? (For example if we are reclaiming our luggage at the airport) in Turkish do we use the plural of suitcase? How do we say "your suitcases" in Turkish? İ tried "bavularsınız" but google didn't return any results. Thanks in advance


The plural of bavul is bavullar with a double L. With just one L it looks like the plural of bavu, which is not a word as far as I know. ("Suitcay" is my English approximation ... final consonant sound missing)

Also, adding "-siniz" doesn't mean "your" but "you're" / "you are". Take out the "s" to make it possessive.

bavullarınız = your suitcases (or bavulların if the owner is one person and you're addressing them informally

Bavularsınız is Turkish nonsense and the closest I can get to that in English would be "You're suitcays."


İ realised it is bavularınız :-p Ok, but still, do we use it when we ask a group of people which are their suitcases? How do we phrase this?


Bavullararınız = Your suitcases (plural suitcases, plural owners or one owner being addressed formally)

Bavulların = Your suitcases (plural suitcases, singular owner being addressed informally)

Bavulunuz = Your suitcase (singular suitcase, plural owners or one owner being addressed formally)

Bavulun = Your suitcase (singular suitcases, singular owner being addressed informally)


Why not 'which suitcase is your'? You need 'yours' instead of 'your' here?


You just simply have to say "yours" here. "your" is not a possessive pronoun and cannot stand on its own.


Azeri gibi konuşuyor ;)


"Which one is your suitcase"


why not simply the "bag"?


Bag (çanta) is much more general.

A suitcase (bavul) is a type of bag. It's much more specific.

It would be a bit like if the exercise said kedi and you said "why not simply 'animal'?"


I think which suitcase is yours it makes sense not which is your suitcase doesn't make sense at all???????


I'm a native English speaker and both of those are fine.

"Which suitcase is yours?" "Which (one) is your suitcase?"

Which one might be slightly more natural in the second sentence, but just which is also fine and sounds slightly more formal to me too.

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