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  5. "Öğretmenle eve gidiyoruz."

"Öğretmenle eve gidiyoruz."

Translation:We are going home with the teacher.

August 23, 2015



Does this sentence have the same connotation in Turkish as it seems to have in English? :/


Let's all assume it's an adult class!


This made me feel a lot better. Thank you


The audio is terrible.


when is it -li and when -le?


-(y)lA (which is this sentence is -le) is the instrumental case. This will be used as a replacement for and, used to describe by what means you did something, be used with certain verbs, and (as in this case) describe what thing/person did the action with you.

-lI is a suffix used to form adjectives. It gives the meaning of "from X country" or "contains X," along with a few other possible meanings.


wow, thank you, i have completely missed it up to now. So you mean I can say "peynirli mi ekmek istiyor musun?" but also "bu hastalıgı peynirle iyileştirecekler"?


I have been wanting to know this same thing since i read the notes and saw the two different forms but I still don't understand when to use lI/sIz that it talks about in the notes. I did not understand your explanation either


With the teacher, we are going home. Why it's wrong?


It's not wholly incorrect in English, it's just what's called a "marked" word order - it's not the normal order, you need a special context to use it in.

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