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  5. "Bu şehirde kayboldum."

"Bu şehirde kayboldum."

Translation:I got lost in this city.

August 23, 2015



Redhouse dictionary accepts town as şehir so does my dictionary for Turkish speakers learning English


'Town' would be 'kasaba'. Dictionaries sometimes can be a little bit too comfortable about the translations.


But in Britain we often refer to cities as towns


So, how do you refer to towns?


And there I thought my English was not too bad ...

But reading this, what IS the exact difference between a city and a town? I thought towns were a bit smaller, but is there really a sharp distinction?

(Off topic, just in case someone finds this interesting: In German there is only "Stadt", and if a community is a "Stadt" is a purely legal definition nowadays. In former times it was important if the thing was walled or not, as the wall made it a proper city.)


It is not correct that in Germany all is called city. We are having Stadt, Kleinstadt (I think that is town), Dorf.


To be precise, in the past only a town with a cathedral could call itself a city in Britain.


Okay, then probably that was why it accepts that translation. Thanks.


Why is this "I got lost" instead of "I lost it in the city". Would the latter be "Onu bu sehirde kaybuldum" and without the direct object it ends up being I got lost? Or would it be more accurate to translate it as "In the city I was lost"?


"olmak" is "to become" and "etmek" is "to make, to do".

Hence, from "kayıp" (loss), we get "kaybolmak" (to get lost, to become lost) and "kaybetmek" (to lose).

So if you lose something in the city, you "kaybetmek" it. (And the item itself "kaybolmak"s.)

And if you yourself get lost, then you also "kaybolmak".


whats the different between ŞEHRIN and ŞEHIR? does both means CITY? thank you


ŞEHRİN (it's spelled with an i, not an ı) is the genitive case of ŞEHİR.

(And ŞEHİRDE, in this sentence, is the locative case of that word.)


I GET lost in this city would be Bu sehirde kaybolmak ?


Nope, that would be "kaybolurum/kayboluyorum"


Town is still not accepted as a translation of sehir.


I answered i got lost in this city .I was marked incorrectly


There where no "am" button for "i am"


"Bu şehirde kayboldum." Translation: I got lost in this city.


I am lost in this city.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


Why not : i lost me in this city


Why not : i lost me in this city

Because that is not correct English.

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