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"Kiom da lernantoj estas en tiu lernejo?"

Translation:How many pupils are there in that school?

August 23, 2015



To be clear "studento" is specifically a college/university student. For everything before that (elementary school, junior high/middle school, high school) "lernanto" or "lernejano" is typically used.

"Lernanto" is much broader than just a school student, by the way. It can also be used for participants of a small course, etc.


If lernanto is "pupil", could one use "lernonto" for a person which is about to learn? For example a young child, which will begin to go to school next month? And could i use "lerninto" for person, which do not learn anymore, e.g. people which already have left the school/university?


Not "learners?" Since we already have "studentoj," I took a guess that this was what would make sense...


According to Lernu, learner => lernanto.

Going the other way, lernanto (lern·ant·o ← lern·i) => student, pupil, learner

So next time if it isn't accepted, go ahead and report it.


Why is "this" not accepted here


Tiu = that "ĉi" ["cxi"] is a word that stands alone as a "proximity" marker. It makes "that" into "this".thus: tiu ĉi = this

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