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Past simple/Past continuos basics


I just want to ask if someone could translate these few kind of basic sentences, so I get the idea how the past simple/past continues looks in norwegian. Not sure when it comes in the course on here, but I wonder about it often. And I don't ask about translations from the google translator.

I made pancakes today

You went to the doctor

I noticed you like it

I was listening to music yesterday

They were really happy to see me

We were watching TV together

Thank you

August 23, 2015

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It comes late, very late in the tree and for good reason.

The difference between the continuous and simple aspect doesn't exist for the overwhelming number of European languages. There are ways to express it in most languages but you shouldn't use them as often as in English. It sounds stilted at best, awkward and wrong more often. So not to lead people on a wrong track it is a skill very late in the tree.

The continuous aspect (it is an aspect in reality, not a tense) is clear from the context most of the time. Otherwise you can use adverbs like "just now" to remove ambiguity. Mentally convert every sentence to the simple form and translate that.

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