"Köpek bizimki."

Translation:The dog is ours.

August 23, 2015



Could this mean "The dog is ours though"?

In Persian, we use "ki" at the end of our sentence to add "flavour".... in most cases it would be the equivalent of saying "though" at the end of an English sentence.

August 23, 2015


Yes, but you need to spell it as a separate word, and probably with a question mark at the end: "Köpek bizim ki?"

This sort of sentence is usually preceded by "iyi de": "İyi de, köpek bizim ki?" ("Okay but the dog is (already) ours, so what's the problem?" or something along those lines.)

August 23, 2015


Can't we just say "köpek bizim" ? What meaning does "ki" add??

December 1, 2018
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