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"Türkçe biliyorum, benim için Macarca hiç zor değil."

Translation:I know Turkish, Hungarian is not difficult for me at all.

August 23, 2015



I'm glad to hear it :D "At all" is maybe a bit of exaggeration, but it is so the other way around too. :) Such things as the Turkish verb conjugation, consonant and vowel harmony are much easier to comprehend with my 'Macar' brain, than I imagine it is for a lot of learners from elsewhere. Not to mention the hundreds of words in the Hungarian vocabulary that have Turkish origins.


True, but let's not even compare. Turkish is like taking the candy from a baby's hand when compared to "Magyar" ! Everyone says Hungarian has 18 cases, so it's impossible to learn. No no no. They're missing the point. Let me tell you what's hard in Hungarian: Csinálni, Meg-csinálni, Fel-csinálni, El-csinálni, Be-csinálni, Vissza-csinálni, Át-csinálni... and they mean COMPLETELY different things. I still don't know what means what, and when I imagine how every single verb can receive all these prefixes, I can't figure out how anyone can learn them all :D


OMG you're right. I've never thought about it, but indeed that's insane :D I guess one has to be born Hungarian to ever master all those verb meanings. And to think I had the same rant just the other day about German prefixes, I should have just stayed silent...


Why not this? "I know Turkish, Hungarian is not at all difficult for me"


Initially, I entered the response this way as well. The "at all" should be accepted both following "not" and at the end of the sentence.


I put this too and was marked wrong. Why?


"I know Turkish, for me Hungarian is not difficult at all" should be accepted.


Yes, there are similarities. Elma - alma, şapka - sapka...


There are also many false friends. ;p

Word - Hungarian meaning - Turkish meaning

Kamu - Unreal thing - Public

Baba - baby - father

Koca - sow (?) - husband

Cici - Breasts - Cute, sweety

Emel - to lift - Scope, goal

Harap - to bite - ruined, destroyed

Pazar - magnificent - Sunday

Hal - fish - situation

Fal - wall - Future prediction by looking at one's hands or at his/her coffee remaining

Dal - song - a tree branch

Kan - male boar - blood

Bal - left direction - honey

El - away - hand

Ön - you (formal) - front

Az - that - few

Didim - My tits - A city in Turkey

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