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  5. "Do sheep eat vegetables?"

"Do sheep eat vegetables?"

Translation:Spiser sauer grønnsaker?

August 23, 2015



Well, if they eat books, what would stop them from vegetables??


I said, "Spiser sauer grønnsaker," but it said I was wrong and corrected it to "Eter sauer grønnsaker" instead. What is the difference between these and why does "Spiser sauer grønnsaker" work in this case?


"Spiser sauer grønnsaker?" is our preferred translation here, so if you're sure you didn't have a typo then it was probably a glitch.

There is no difference in meaning between "spiser" and "eter", but "spiser" is the most common one - especially in written form.


Sauer is plural bud sau is singular, so I answer correct, I think. some body can explain me? what is wrong?


In the English phrase 'do sheep eat vegetables?' the 'sheep' is plural. Singular would be 'does a sheep eat vegetables?'.


I entered "Sauer spiser grønnsaker?". Is this incorrect? Or does it sound unnatural to a native speaker? Just trying to understand the word order. Thanks!


I think that would be like saying "Sheep eat vegetables?". Normally the verb comes first in yes/no questions.

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    No they eat books this owl is not smoking the right thing


    No they eat books. Duh

    [deactivated user]

      Is sheep plural of sheep?


      Yes, it's an irregular noun.

      [deactivated user]

        Thank you very much. :-)

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