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Norwegian Speaking Exercises?

Is it just here or there are no speaking exercises on the Norwegian tree?

August 24, 2015



Yes there are speaking exercises for Norwegian tree. If I understood previous posts right, Duolingo is testing them with randomly selected users who use Chrome as browser. I got lucky and have them.


That's sad :c, So far the pronunciation is the part i've found the strangest/most difficult in norwegian. Could you give me the links of those posts please?


Hi, I don't have links to those posts, but if you're having trouble with pronunciation (all those sj's and skj's and sk's are hard to keep track of, I know), here are some pronunciation guides and resources I have found helpful:
Learn-Norwegian.net: Pronunciation Guide
• YouTube: Norwegian Teacher Karin | Norwegian Sounds
• NoW by NTNU: Alphabet | Vowels | Dipthongs | Consonants | Consonant Clusters | Retroflex Sounds

Lykke til! ・ᴗ・

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