Translation:Why did you come here exactly?

3 years ago



Does this legitimately mean what the English translation says? To me, the function of 'exactly' here is to modify the 'why' rather than the 'come' (it reminds me of the Japanese いったい which is a dedicated word for this concept). To convert 'exactly' to 'gxuste' and insert it in the middle of the sentence seems to yield a strange meaning, i.e. 'why did you come here in an exact manner?' Whether it actually translates properly is dubious to me. Cxu ekzistas Esperantistoj kiuj denaske parolas aliajn lingvojn, kaj kiu povas respondi mian demandon?

3 years ago


To me it seems as if there is a difference between:

  • Why did you come here exactly? (What was your exact motivation?)


  • Why did you come exactly here? (Why this place out of all places?)

and that the Esperanto sentence means the latter.

3 years ago


Not a good translation for the reasons already given.

9 months ago

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I read this as "Why did you come correctly here?"... For "exactly", I would have expected "ekzakte" or "precize".

5 months ago
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