"Kaç tane yıldız görüyorsun?"

Translation:How many stars do you see?

August 24, 2015

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if present continuous can be used for the answer to ecek... (A prevıous quandry of mıne) therefore why isn't "how many stars can you see correct" and... as it is ıyor why isn't "how many stars are you seeing" also correct?


This does not include the abilative suffix (which means "can"). görebilirim :) Then you run into the issue of stative verbs, which are rarely used in the present continuous and must have a very specific environment to be in the present continuous....


I think it is more common in English to use 'can you see' rather than 'do you see' in this context - no difference in meaning is implied.


There is a slight difference in meaning actually (Turkish also entails this slight difference). You would really need the suffix -Abil to translate it with "can" :)


That's not the case in British English, where it is rare to say 'do you see' in any circumstances. Even in American English, 'can' can be inserted into this kind of sentence (a question with see, hear, feel), without necessarily adding any special emphasis, e.g. on the ability to see.


Alex I did not understand your explanation. Would you clearly tell us why görüyorsun (present continuous) must be translated as. Simple present( do you see) but not (are you seeing)? It does not say görürsün. It is asking about seeing something at the moment and the bird might go away and we cannot see it one minute later, so it is definitely present continuous


"Kaç tane yıldız görüyorsun?" Translation: How many stars do you see?

I see the North star -> It is, "unwavering."

The North star is a reference point as it does not move. It is fixed in position & reliable for navigation purposes.

This may be too subtle & politically insensitive:

"The North star brigade" - They were part of the UN force that served in the Korean war. 1950-53. The Turkish Army has a war graves cemetery in South Korea. I don't like glorifying war. I am very proud of the "Turkish armed forces."


Why is: How many stars are you seeing wrong? Maybe I'm star gazing at the moment...


It should be accepted!


bence star ola bilir ne stars

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