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  5. "Ingen är tröttare än jag."

"Ingen är tröttare än jag."

Translation:Nobody is more tired than me.

August 24, 2015



would "tröttare än mig" also be correct Swedish?


Yes. It works just as fine.


Hej, can you really use both "... än jag" and "... an mig" in Swedish? Both is equally used? So in Swedish it is not wrong to use "... än mig"? And is "..än jag" used more often or the more regular form? In German it is wrong to say "niemand ist müder als mir" or even "... als mich" (which means both "me" in English and "mig" in Swedish). We can only say "niemand ist müder als ich." which is the exact translation of the sentence in Swedish. Tack!


Yes, both work fine and sound OK.


Is " anyone is more tired than I" a correct translation?


No, "anyone" isn't really the same as "noone". :)


I actually had no one marked as in correct. It suggested Nobody insteed


Usually when that happens, you'll have had another mistake without realising. Duolingo is terrible at showing you the actually closest correct translation to what you wrote, unfortunately.

But it's also entirely possible that it's just missing, or that there is a bug. :)


I think ´Nobody is more tired than I´ should be the default translation because 1) the Swedish is ´jag´ and not ´mig´, and 2) it is more correct as English. It was accepted though, so I am just being pedantic.

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