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  5. "Bu tencere çok küçük."

"Bu tencere çok küçük."

Translation:This pot is very small.

August 24, 2015



Pot can be used as a colloquial way to say saucepan. So do you have "saucepan" as a correct answer too? (my question was a microphone repeat Turkish phrase)

Using "pot" as the main given answer to mean "Tencere" makes the learning of a new word rather ambiguous because "pot" in English means "container".

"Kap" would be more appropriate because "Tencere" is more commonly used to define a "container specifically for cooking"

Therefore the definitive and more helpful answer for future reference should be "saucepan" (Y) oh and for others reference "kizartma tavası" is a frying pan. "tava" is just any pan like a pot is but commony means frying pan... not a saucepan.


Did you know that many of the Turkish words are now used in many Arabian places? This word, for example, TENCERE is now used in many Arabian countries to mean POT. It is true that many Turkish words are originally Arabic, but at the same time, many Turkish words are now added to the Arabic dictionary!


In English, pan is used generically for saucepan or frying pan!


Why is it not possible to tranlate "to" small instead of "very" small?




"Bu tencere çok küçük." Translation: This pot is very small & this pot is too small - correct.

Why is it not possible to tranlate "to" small instead of "very" small?

Küçük - small

"Bu tencere küçük." - This pot is small.

Daha büyüyü var mi? - Is there a bigger one?

I have a set (pots) in incremental sizes.

DL has issues with - too & as well.

Kind regards.


In cyprus (Greek) we use the word 'tençeris' to mean a large saucepan. May be borrowed from the Turkish Cypriot dialect. What sort of pot are we talking about here? Does it have to be a clay pot.



Good morning

I don't know?

These are the relics from Cyprus my mother has:

Pestle & mortar in pure brass for crushing seeds & spices. A few aluminium saucepans & a coffee pot. Her most used kitchen utensil was a large aluminium round tray that just fitted the oven. No more than 80mm high. Roasting, baking & soaking pulses in this pot without a lid.

Sorry that's it

Kind regards.


Can anybody explain to me the difference between 'tava' and 'tencere'?

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