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"Har du prøvet at spise hundemad?"

Translation:Have you tried eating dog food?

August 24, 2015



Unsure of the context here. In danish does it mean have you ever tasted it or have you resorted to eating it?


The first. It just asks if you've ever tried tasting it, for fun or curiosity maybe. To ask if you've ever had to resort to dog food you might say something like "Har du nogensinde været nødt til at spise hundemad?"


Why does prøvede not fit in here?


Prøvede du at spise hundmad? = Did you try eating dog food? (Past tense, or datid in Danish). Har du prøvet at spise hundemad? = Have you tried eating dog food? (Present perfect tense, or perfektum/førnutid in Danish).


I had a nephew who was either very hungry or who had a nutritional deficit. He ate out dog's MilkBones (a dog treat that doesn’t even smell good).

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