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" an cailín féin-chomhfhiosach mar níl gruaig fhada uirthi."

Translation:The girl is self conscious because she does not have long hair.

August 24, 2015



why not "cúthail"?


That'd be a much more appropriate word. As I've previously noted the meaning expressed here is more akin to "the girl is aware of her own existence because she does not have long hair"


Could an alternate translation of “mar“ in this case (and, mnemonically, in a lot of cases), simply “for”? As in: The girl is self-conscious for she does not have long hair.

It seems to help a lot of people I explain this to. They don’t quite get why Irish has such a short word for “because,” when it’s actually similar to the rather quaint-sounding English use of “for.”


Are there any rules regarding the pronunciation of féin as /f/ or /h/ in the beginning?


What is the relation between self consciousness and not having long hair?


Indeed; not even Samson can help us find an answer to that!

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