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" an cailín féin-chomhfhiosach mar níl gruaig fhada uirthi."

Translation:The girl is self conscious because she does not have long hair.

August 24, 2015



What is the relation between self consciousness and not having long hair?


Indeed; not even Samson can help us find an answer to that!


Ask any middle schooler


Living in a culture where long hair is preferable. At that age they're self conscious about EVERYTHING-even the fact that they have parents!

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Are there any rules regarding the pronunciation of féin as /f/ or /h/ in the beginning?


why not "cúthail"?


That'd be a much more appropriate word. As I've previously noted the meaning expressed here is more akin to "the girl is aware of her own existence because she does not have long hair"


Could an alternate translation of “mar“ in this case (and, mnemonically, in a lot of cases), simply “for”? As in: The girl is self-conscious for she does not have long hair.

It seems to help a lot of people I explain this to. They don’t quite get why Irish has such a short word for “because,” when it’s actually similar to the rather quaint-sounding English use of “for.”


I’m curious about the pronunciation of uirthi...

In previous sections (including the one on prepositions), I thought this word was given to us sounding more like “wuh-huh” (that may not be exact, but it’s close to what I heard).

Here it’s pronounced more like “or-uh”.

Are both pronunciations right? Or did I learn it wrong before?


You're confusing uirthi and uaithi.


Dang...you’re absolutely right.

I did the same thing in my lesson tonight. The word used in an exercise was eisCeacht, but I read it as eisTeacht [capitals used for emphasis]. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was seeing a new word, but eisteacht just didn’t make sense in my sentence.

Thank you for your help!!


I got this right


LDT- sin é mo fhreagra mícheart (the girl is self conscious because she hasn't long hair) ach tá brón orm - ní thuigim - the girl has long hair - tá gruige fhada uirthi - nach ea?


elehants are self-conscious because they are'fat', women self-critical because they don't have long hair... bloody hll, Duo, get your sht together!

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