"Drikker de vårt vann?"

Translation:Are they drinking our water?

August 24, 2015

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audio mistake: played as a sentence vort sounds fine, but if you just get the word to play it mistakenly says "varsht"


Is it normal that the "r" in "vårt" sounds like an "s" ?


From what I understand, no. The same thing happened to me and it really threw me off.


Would "Drikker de vann vårt" be acceptable?


I think it should be "Drikker de vannet vårt"


"Vårt" placed before "vannet" emphasizes the confusion in this context, right?


I had this as a "type what you hear" task, but there was no audio. Did you have that problem? I reported it.


It's a new sentence. It takes a while for the audio to arrive.


Takk. Next time I won't report it then. I bet you guys have enough to do! Thanks.


Hi, aren't there any listening or speaking exercises for Norwegian? I have activated such option but I haven't encountered one so far


They should both be available in the PC/browser version, but they may not be on all mobile platforms yet.


When i downloaded the app a year ago i had the vocal exercises. I didnt use the app for many months and have since received a replacement of the same kind of phone. I turned on the option for vocal exercises and made sure i gave it permissions to use the microphone, but i still havent found any vocal exercises in the app. Is there something else i should do to make it work?


Not to my knowledge. You could try the Troubleshooting forum.


Are there any audio experts in Norsk? What is the pronunciation of vårt? something like [va] or something like [varch] ?


If i understand correctly.. try saying "vart" while pretending a marble is in your mouth. So the 'a' sounds a little more like an 'o' and the 'rt' is changed by the tip of your tongue being farther back against the roof of your mouth and the middle/lower part of your tongue being a little lower agaist the bottom of your mouth than it would be with an english accent. I hope that is descriptive enough to be useful :/


How are 'de' and 'di' pronounced differently? i keep on hearing the same thing..


Why is this not "Drikker de vårt vannet?"


When the pronoun is placed before the noun, the noun must be in its indefinite form.


...Said somebody in the Arrakis.


Sounds like Holes.


Why "They are drinking our water?" translation not accepted?


Because it is a question, so you just have to swap the words "they" and "are"


Actually, in English it's completely acceptable to ask this question in the form of: "They drink our water?", as the question mark itself indicates that the tone of the sentence should increase from lower at the start to higher at the end, and introduces either an element of doubt or a desire for confirmation into the phrase, making it a perfectly valid translation.


I've seen not only vår/vårt, but mi/mitt, di/ditt, etc. used both before and after the noun it's describing. Is there a rule for using the poss. adjective before or after the noun?


Is vart pronounced correctly in the slow version of the audio? Sounds weird


When so you use vårt, våre and vår, I don't understand, can someone explain!


What is the difference between vårt våre and vår?

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