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Relative clauses

When do you use go or go bhfuil or nar or raibh or a, and whatever else, in relative clauses, and what are relative clauses, and could you explain to me all the important things about them so i will know how to use them? Thanks.

August 24, 2015



Well, in Irish,there's two types of relative clauses: direct and indirect. Honestly Gramadach na Gaeilge explains it really well. Read through there.


Sorry to trouble you again, but I'm having difficulty understanding when you are supposed to use a, and when you are supposed to use go bhfuil, go raibh etc.. Do you know the reason why one is used over another?


and what are relative clauses,

Do you mean only what Irish relative clauses are, or are you also asking about what relative clauses are in English?


It's OK. I figured it out.

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