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  5. "Wir werden uns anmelden!"

"Wir werden uns anmelden!"

Translation:We will sign up!

January 2, 2013



'Enrol' should be accepted as British spelling. Reported.


Me, too. The dictionary hints say "Enrol", but it still isn't accepted.


What is the difference between eintragen and anmelden?


(1) ANMELDEN can mean to "sign up" or "log on" or "sign in" (like onto a website), as well as register or enroll. Offline, it's more like "sign up" but less formal than "registrieren".

(2) EINTRAGEN is more like "fill out" or "put down," so it can also mean to enroll or sign up, but its more like putting your name down on a list.

(3) REGISTRIEREN: Mostly used online for "sign up and create an account". Offline, it sounds quite formal and wouldn't be used if you sign up for a sports club. But it's kind of popular to use it in a passive way: "Ich habe mich registrieren lassen." (as an organ donator or something similar).

Thanks to @UclaBruins12 and @pseudocreobotra for answering this in a previous post.


WTF when i write“ sign up ”--wrong should be “log in" when i "log in " wrong again "log on "


Again too many English ways to say anmelden. sign up, sign on, register, log in, log on ...


As a web debeloper, I think that sign up means creating a new account, log in or sign in or log on means you used your previously used account. Hope that helps


But those don't all mean the same thing in English, which is why "anmelden" is confusing me.


Difference in German between sign in and sign up?


to say 'sign up' reminds me of signing up to join an army!


Why is "we will report" wrong?


Because that's not a translation of Wir werden uns anmelden.

To report something can be etwas melden, but this sentence does not use the verb melden, it uses sich anmelden.

(Even if the sentence had used sich melden, that would have been different from non-reflexive melden.)


How about we will register? This is one of the worst exercises! It means lots of things.


Duo also accepted "Wir werden uns unmelden." I have reported it.


"We will sign ourselves" why not accepted


At normal speed the female voice sounds like "Wir werden ans anmelden", although at the slower speed it is definitely "uns".


I wrote "We will sign us up" and was marked wrong and I'm not sure why


I wrote "We will sign us up" and was marked wrong

"We will sign up" is how it's usually expressed in English -- it's not reflexive.

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