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  5. "Ich sehe den Lehrer."

"Ich sehe den Lehrer."

Translation:I see the teacher.

January 2, 2013



Lehrer can't be translated to professor too?


If you say 'Ich sehe die Lehrer' it would mean 'I see the teachers' -> plural. If you want to refer to a female teacher you'd have to say 'Ich sehe die Lehrerin'.


I wrote die Lehrer because I heard die instead of den and I thought it could be plural as well. Is it is not good only because there is den in the system for good solution? Is it good grammatically with "die Lehrer"?


for "i see the teachers" yes. for "i see the teacher" no.


Because it is singular and is 'der Lehrer' in nominative. In genitive there is 'des' , dative 'dem' and accusative 'den' . This sentence is in accusative case, so we have to use 'den'! Hope it was useful!


In other questions, using dem is the right answer, but the dative case has not been introduced anywhere yet. What is dative????


In this lesson they use once dem Lehrer and twice den Lehrer. I'm a beginer How am I supposed to guess? And yes, I learned that Lehrerin is for a woman, but not here, in google!!!


Dem is dative case, Den is accusative case. Use accusative where the noun is the object of the sentence, use dative where the object is happening to someone Eg; I give the book (I = subject, give = verb, the book = object, takes accusative) I give the book to her (to her = indirect object, takes dative)

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