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  5. "We do not have an elephant."

"We do not have an elephant."

Translation:Bizim filimiz yok.

August 24, 2015



Why is it like this?


This is how possessives are formed in Turkish. You say "Our X does not exist" or "Bizim X yok." This is only for general direct objects. If you wanted to be specific (We do not have the elephant), you would say "Fil bizde değil." :)


Why var is not added


Because they DON'T have an elephant, and to say that, "yok" (doesn't exist) is used.


What is "de" in "bizde"?


Hello Mariane

"We do not have an elephant." Translation: Bizim filimiz yok.

What is "de" in "bizde"?

Biz - us & "-de" - "with us."

Bizde fil var - There is an elephant with us.

The locative case suffixes -te, -ta / -de, -da

Bizimle gel - "come with us."

Benimle gel - "come with me."

Benimle - "with me"

Benimle şarap içer misin Mariane? - Will you drink wine with me Mariane? (Joking)

Thank you


Hello Hilmi, thanks to reply. But you give so much informations at the same time! I am rather lost. So, if i take the sentence of AlexinNotTurkey: "fil bizde degil": "we do not have the elephant" implies "with us"? Does "Fil bizde degil" mean: "the elephant is not with us"? In the house, for exemple! "Fil sende degil": "the elephant is not with you"? or "you have not the elephant (with you) and so on: bende (you write benmle), sende, o(what?), bizde, sizde, (?). When i look for "with" i find "ile". I thank you for the turkish expressions, i notice them in my note-book for later. As for wine, i do drink a good beer!


Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say "We don't have our elephant" rather than "an elephant"


Would Bizim bir filimiz yok be acceptable?


I wrote Bizin bir filimiz yok and it was accepted


They didn't accept it from me that way they drive me crazy


"We do not have an elephant." Translation: Bizim filimiz yok.


"We do not have an elephant." - Bizim bir filimiz yok.

Accepted as another correct Turkish answer.

Bizim - "Ours" - (pronoun)

Fil - "Elephant" - (noun)

"Bir" - ("one" & "a") in English. A "bir" between the pronoun & noun is accepted in the Turkish answer.


Can we say " bizim bir filimiz yoktur"??




"We do not have an elephant." Translation: Bizim filimiz yok.

Can we say - "Bizim bir filimiz yoktur." - Correct.

When being interviewed by Turkish police. I say this (jokingly) but the suffix is used when stating facts.

The "-tur" suffix does not have to be used in this example. If you were being questioned by an official (polis) then yes.


i'm still having trouble w/ "yok" vs. "degil"... can you help (or where should I look cuz I know you've answered this somewhere)


"yok" is like "there is not..." and is used to deny the existence of things in Turkish.

"degil" is used to simply negate sentences without a real verb :)

You are literally saying "Our elephants do not exist" here.


Değil is just to negate the turkish sentence ...in English we use Not like i have not done anything ...here değil if you translate in turkish..( sorry if wrong not native turkish only native hindi :)


This is in the lesson for the instrumental case, so I figured there should be a way to express this sentence as "there is no elephant with us". I tried "bizimle bir fil değil" which is wrong. Did I do something wrong with the sentence, or was my assumption wrong and there is no way to express this using the instrumental case?


Could it be "bizim filimiz bizde yok"? or, if anything, would that be "we dont have our elephant"?


why the -de in bizde? Isn't that a locative?


If i would say i don't have elephants. How it could be in Turkish?



You are following some of my friends & I ask your permission for me to follow you?

Thank you.


yes of course .welcome to my friends' list


Why did not "an" translate to "bir"?


And bizim bir filimiz yok? ...why is wrong, if I put bir?




"We do not have an elephant." Translation: Bizim bir filimiz yok.

Accepted as another correct Turkish answer by Duo on the 09/09/2018.

Your answer is correct. I answered this 8 months ago & Duo accepted my answer.

Thank you.


Hello, what is the difference bewtween yok and yoktur?


BintMuhamm, i hope those two examples willl help you, even if you haven't learned those words yet: " henüz benim evim yok"="i do not have a house" and "bir haftanın sekiz günü yoktur"="a week has not eight days".


Also why is it filimiz and not just filmiz?


BintMuhamm, in Turkish, you can't use two consonant together. You have to use a buffer, here a wovel, whic follows the 4 way wovle harmony: in "filimiz" it is "i" because the last wovel is "i". If "e and i" > "i" as in "evimiz"="our house". If "ö and ü" > "ü" : "süt" > "sütümüz= "our milk". If "o and u" > "u": in "suyumuz"="our watter". If "a and i pointless > "i pointless, as in "kitap" > "kitabimiz" (all "i" pointless) = "our books". Have a look there: a video in English, very clear and helpfull: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FFQQAB2ds4, my favorite. Hope you can look at it.


Why there is no "var" in the end of the sentence?


Aqsa, you haven't "var" because you have "YOK". A sentence can't be in effirmative "there is" and negative mode "there is not" at the same time. Don't you think? have a look there, a video in English, short, clear: http://turkishbasics.com/grammar/var-and-yok.php. Enjoy it!


Why yoktur? Yok?


Why there is suffix (imiz) in filimiz?


yommaJamal, to translate in Turkish "we do not have an elephant" you need to think "OUR elephant does not exist". In Turkish "our" is "i-miz" possessive suffix for possessed object, third person singular, here "elephant". Have a look there, about possessive sufixes: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/8612302, on duolingo Turkish Grammar Portal or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH2iRwfBFPs, a video in English, very easy, clear, helpfull.


Why not ' biz bir fil yok'...bizim means our. Then why it is usef here ?


Because in Turkish, it's not said "We do not have an elephant". Instead it is said "Our elephant does not exist". Understood?


Sofik, should read my answer to yomna-yamal, in the comment just above. In your proposition "biz bir fil yok" there are a lot of antinomic things: "yok" is the negation of "var". "Yok" = "doesn't exist" = "there is not". "Yok", the same as "var", is used with the genitive/possessive construction. So "bizIM filIMIZ yok". "Biz" = "we", personal pronoun is used with a verb at the first person plural as in "biz yeriz"="we eat". Have a look there, a short English video, very clear, about "var" and "yok":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSr3h8BfPhI. My favorite. There are a lot of of others.


Why cant i say bizim bir fil yok? Doesnt filimiz mean our elephant?? Someone explain please


Ghadaalmaash, because "bizim", as a possessive adjective only can be followed/used by/with a noun at possessive case "fil-IMIZ", as Hilmi explains in his comment.


Hello Mariane.

Thank you for the additional input & it is very welcomed.

I wanted to tell you if you did not know to practise the "checkpoint" lesson for 10xp's. The questions will include a mixture from all the previous topics leading up to the checkpoint.

You also like doing Turkish grammar research. Type your search in "Turkish only" & your search result will be mostly Turkish with some English. Do not be put off by this & it is very interesting.

Thank you. ^


Hilmi, i don't find "Turkish only"...how can i get it? And , where do you find the "checkpoint"? I only revise each skill with the pratice. I'm not sure that i'm interesting getting more xp's. But more writing Turkish sentences on my own, from the duolingo sentences, using all the vocabulary i learnt since the beginning. I think it's the best mean to integrate this language. I also look at series subtitled in Turkish every day; it is very usefull to read what i hear. They are so many! Whic ones will you advise?


Hello Mariane.

Click on the little French castle with the flag on it.

Checkpoint 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & finish. Learning tree complete.

Thank you.


Thanks Hilmi, i do find it! I will try! Iyi hafta sonları or iyi tatiller! Which one is ok?




"We do not have an elephant." Translation: Bizim filimiz yok.

Why cant i say bizim bir fil yok? Doesnt filimiz mean our elephant?? Someone explain please

Filimiz "Our elephant."

Filimiz var "We have an elephant."

Filimiz yok "We do not have an elephant."

Bizim bir fil yok? Our one/a elephant do not have? Not correct.

Possessive suffixes:

Fil - "elephant"

Fil + -im "my elephant" "-im" possessive suffix 1st person singular.

Fil + -imiz "our elephant" possessive suffix 1st person plural.

Thank you.

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